A unique method in the railway track construction process

When looking into ways of realizing a new railway track, you want the most efficient and cost-effective method. The traditional construction process of laying railway tracks is expensive and time-consuming. The Belgian company Stabirail thought of this as unnecessary and they came up with a new and improved way of placing and anchoring railway tracks. With this technique they have become one of the world’s most innovative rail contractors. This railway construction process makes use of a ballastless tracks method, which is a fast and cost-effective way of realizing new railway tracks. Read on to discover more about how this method works.

How are these ballastless tracks laid?

This cost-effective method of laying ballastless tracks is carried out by a slab track laying train. This train consists of three machines that work consecutively. The first step in this railway track construction process is the concrete milling machine. This machine will mill concrete rail beds on which the rest of the tracks are laid. This is done by an innovative 3D system which is capable of working on parabolic transitional curves and transitional slopes. Next, the drilling train follows. This machine makes diamond core drilled holes in the concrete bed. These holes will be used to anchor the tracks. The final part of the railway track construction process is the anchoring train. This part lays the actual ballastless tracks on the concrete and anchors them in place with superior stability.

Interested in these way of laying tracks?

This process can be used for any type of railway. Whether it is for a regular railway, a highspeed railway, a railway through a tunnel or a railway for a train washing system. It is all possible at Stabirail. Make sure to get in touch to discover the broad range of possibilities. At Stabirail they are more than happy to assist you in finding the right solution.