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Bucket List Of Canada: Top Tourist Attractions For You

Canada has recently been named on top in the list – prepared by Lonely Planet and The New York Times – of countries that must be visited. The country hosts diversity, from the Arctic Circle to cosmopolitans like Montreal and Toronto, from polar bears in the north. Geographically, the country is the second largest on planet Earth. The country can never face a shortage of places to visit. Its north is beautiful because the rivers flow into the Arctic and polar bears can give you company. The serene beauty of Nahanni National park, the town of Churchill, and Yellowknife attract thousands of ambitious tourists like you.

The country is loaded with natural beauty and man-made superstructures, which have attracted millions of travelling lovers like you. Hopping into the buses thrice a day or flying from one part to another is quite hard.  If you want to see every nook and corner of the great cities and far-flung destinations, I recommend you to rent a car from autoprio.com. You can rent a car right from the airport. They provide cars of your own choice at comparatively low rates and are always there to help you if you are facing any issue.

Keep reading as a few beautiful places have been pointed out.

Toronto’s CN Tower:

The Lake Ontario hosts CN tower just outside of its shores. The tower is 530 meters tall and one of the beautiful structures of Canada. From certain floors, you can behold the magnificent city of Toronto. Even if you are passing by, its architectural beauty has the magic of stopping you and attracting your gaze towards the tower.

Village Whistler:

Yes, it seems a remote and serene area far from the hustle and bustle of cities. It is now developed into a summer destination where golf, mountain biking, and lively atmosphere attracts tourists. The village has been the location of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. And this Canadian tourist attraction is super easy to access. You need to land in Vancouver rent a car from Canada car rentals and drive of two hours throws you into Whistler.

Polar Bears of Manitoba:

Are you an animal lover? Even if you are not, still the beauty of wild animals can attract you, I bet, and so is the case of Polar bears. Usually found in the town of Churchill, in Manitoba, polar bears are super anxious to go into ice. If you too are anxious to see them, head over there in November and December when bears start going towards the ice.

Bay of Fundy:

The Bay of Fundy is famous for tides. The bay is located in the Eastern part of the country between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Cliffs and rock formation alongside the bay are also beautiful.

Niagara Falls:

If you were in Canada and didn’t visit this magnificent place, your tour would remain incomplete irrespective of the fact that you have visited every nook and corner of the country. The falls can be seen from several keep points. The place attracts millions of visitors each year because of its incomparable beauty. You can get a car from Canada car rentals and drive for an hour from Toronto. Yes, you will reach Niagara Falls at the USA border.