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FIFA 16 – The best players and how to get

In the football game FIFA 16 football players have multiple properties. A very important feature for a footballer in sections FIFA 16 Career and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is speed. A quick attacker often plays very easily and also scores more often. Although statistics speed, sprint speed and acceleration in FIFA 16 is made slightly less important, players stay at high speed in high demand. Who are the players with high speed?
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The popular football game FIFA 16 has been for decades a big hit. On September 24 2015 the game has been available in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is a sequel to FIFA 15 and covers the 2015/2016 season in the real world of football. You can play against friends in the game on the bench but also start a solo career as a player or manager, or recording online against millions of players who bought the game too. FIFA 16 has the following key components playable


Kickoff: go to a duel against the computer or against a friend sitting next to you
Career: Build a career as a manager of a team or as a football player

Ultimate Team: Collect cards with soccer players on it, place it in a team and head challenges against the computer or against other players
Draft: Choose any position from five random players online and play five games against other players or against the computer to win awards
Skill Games: Practice include free kicks, penalty kicks, dribbling and other situations
FIFA 16 Coach: Get while playing an exhibition game tips to improve your game

Statistics that have to do with speed
The two most played mode in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and his Career. In both modes, speed is an important statistic. The speed is on the player cards in FUT (FIFA 16 Ultimate Team) indicated as PAC, short for Pace. Sometimes you see also stand SNL, the abbreviation for speed. A player with a high rating (0/100) for Pace, however, does not always have to be the fastest player in the game. You have to look good in Career or a player has a high rating for acceleration. A player with a high rating for both acceleration and sprint speed, is in the field very quickly and within a few seconds at high speed.

Players on the Xbox One Xbox 360 or the online component FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT) play, can win a legend card. These are players who are retired or deceased, and to be honored in this way. You can just play with these legendary players. Here you should think of players such as Pele, George Weah, Jari Litmanen, Ryan Giggs, Deco, George Best and Victor Baia. These players often have a great rating, often even better than current soccer stars. These legends, exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are not included in the lists below.

The fastest players in general
The following five players have a high rating for sprint speed (the primary metric for speed), sorted from fast to slower. Under the name contains the data sorted as: age, overall rating at the start of the game, position, team, country of birth.

1. Theo Walcott – 96 sprint speed
26 years, 81 overall rating, right midfielder (RM), Arsenal, England
Theo Walcott has been a fixture for Arsenal, which plays in the Barclays Premier League in England. He has both a high speed also a high rating for dribbling and shooting at goal. In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT) is not a particularly expensive, but very sought after for its high speed. In Career, you can often pick Walcott for a nice price. It is a player who can pass easily a man can give a crucial pass or a goal himself can make.

2. Matthis Bolly – 96 sprint speed
24 years, 67 overall rating, right midfielder (RM), Fortuna Düsseldorf, Ivory Coast
Matthis Bolly state for three years in the top five fastest players in FIFA. This is in FIFA 16 not be otherwise. It is a pity that he has a low overall rating. Because of this it is hardly used in teams. Only small lower division team in Career may try to rent it or buy. It is a player that you can bring a lot of fun thanks to its speed. He has in the career mode a potential rating of 71.

3. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 95 sprint speed
26 years, 82 overall rating, striker (ST), Borussia Dortmund, Gabon
Aubameyang has long been one of the most popular fast players in the game. He has a very high initial rating in the game. Because of this he is both in Ultimate Team Career as often deployed. In Career, he can still grow by two points to 84. He excels, in addition to high acceleration and sprint speed in dribbling, crosses, finish and take penalties. An asset to any team!

4. Ernest Asante – 95 sprint speed
26 years, 70 overall rating, right midfielder (RM), Stabaek Fotball, Ghana
Ernest Asante is a relatively unknown football player. He plays in the Norwegian Tippeligaen league. This competition is not seen as a popular and high competition. Yet there is much demand for the players card Ernest Asante in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. He is very fast, does not have a terrible credit rating and excels in speed, agility and sprint speed. It can be purchased in a Career for little money.

5. Jürgen Damm – 95 sprint speed
22 years, 73 overall rating, right midfielder (RM), Tigres UANL, Mexico
Jürgen Damm is the youngest player in the top 5. If you buy it for your team in a career manager, he can still grow at a rating of 78. He excels in the statistics acceleration, agility and sprint speed. For the smaller teams in the Career mode Jurgen Damm is definitely a nice purchase. Larger clubs have better alternatives.

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FIFA 16 – The best players and how to get

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