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Important Things You Might Not Know about USA ESTA Visa

If you are a citizen of a VWP country, there are certain general information worth acquiring about the USA’s ESTA application. Having prior knowledge about the validity, eligibility and the ways ESTA works will help you know better about the mechanisms of the ESTA.

Body: The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is a program that helps in monitoring your eligibility to travel to the US as a part of the Visa Waiver Program also known as (VWP). It also helps in determining if your travel has any legal impact or any other form of security threat. You will be informed about your eligibility to travel to the US under VWP after you have completed your ESTA application. Here are some of the general information about the USA’s ESTA and VISA  for your travel to the US. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulated the ESTA to improve the security system of VWP. The ESTA helps the DHS to determine the eligibility of a traveler to travel to the US in advance.

How Is USA ESTA Different from Visa?

The difference between ESTA and Visa is that ESTA can be applied online while you need to go to the embassy to obtain your visa. Visa acts as a legal permit to enter the United States which crucially required for every foreign national. Whereas ESTA is only a program that helps in monitoring if you are eligible for entering the US or not. It is the immigration officials who approve your visa and you need to go for an interview with the embassy to obtain your visa. On the other hand, the process of ESTA is carried out online electronically.

How ESTA Determines Vulnerability

The Department of Homeland Security is assisted by the ESTA to evaluate the eligibility of the traveler to enter the US under the VWP before their boarding to the US. And any form of legal enforcement and security threat will be highlighted by advanced scrutiny. The frontline officials of the DHS will be able to monitor every minute part of potentially dangerous passengers.

The Validity of Your USA ESTA Visa

Starting from the day your ESTA gets approved, the validity of your ESTA will last for the next two consecutive years. If your passport gets expired in between these two consecutive years, the ESTA will also get expired too. By revising the date of the approval of your ESTA, you can also easily determine the validity of your ESTA. your ESTA’s validity of two years, you can get the chance to visit the US multiple times.

Who can Apply?

Citizens of VWP countries planning to travel to the United States for a specific period as can apply for an ESTA authorization before boarding for the US as a part of the Visa Waiver Plan.

Recently, some rules and regulations were made which you should be aware of. Since 2016 it came into action that nationals of VWP and are citizens Iraq, Sudan, Syria and Iran will be deprived of the VWP. Though you belong to a country with VWP, any sort of visit or travel to these countries after 28th February 2011, will be exempted from the VWP.

If you belong to the countries with VWP, you can apply for USA’s ESTA authorization. Within two years after the approval of your ESTA, you can enjoy multiple visits to the USA. These few general information would be a piece of help on your knowledge about the USA’s ESTA.