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Library Solutions For The Modern Era

As library systems worldwide continue to develop, Dutch company Dialoc ID are, for many, still paving the way, producing the kind of sophisticated, high-tech library solutions that have come to define their brand over the years. Operating out of Harderwijk, they remain, as ever, true to their original goal, working with their global partners to offer customers something truly innovative. More than anything, it seems to be about revolutionizing the library environment, creating a cost effective model that looks and feels like the future: as easy to implement as it is to use.

Library Solutions That Both Support And Facilitate Staff

Dialoc ID Library have a long and proven track record providing a range of library solutions that support staff in their day-to-day working life. These include staff stations, inventory scanners, PC security access protection and RFID card readers. Combined, it’s a tried and tested way of making sure staff are supported and able to function efficiently and quickly, saving themselves and users time. The staff stations, just for instance, are state of the art units fitted with the latest technology, making the check in/check out process as smooth as possible. Dialoc ID also supplies the very best in member ship cards and card printers. Specifically, RFID cards are the most secure on the market today. Again, just one less thing to worry about.

Library Solutions That Mean Cutting Edge Security

Any modern library will want to boast a cutting-edge library security detection system. With that in mind, the system developed by Dialoc ID is one consistently held in high regard, known for its reliability, design and overall performance. Able to comfortably fit into any existing library environment, it means being able to monitor any and all items not checked out properly. What Dialoc ID have done here is utilize the latest developments in EM and RFID technology, brining it to the fore and making it work for libraries everywhere. It’s a way of providing highly targeted information, ushering in a genuinely new and exciting way of doing things.