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Making a name on various music platforms | StreamKO

Making a name on various platforms

There are a lot of major platforms these days that are designed for sharing content with an audience. These platforms are made to mostly serve the visitors that actually consume the content on the platforms. To share your passion for making music or creating content to a large audience you have to now only be good at it anymore.

A great part of the whole act is that the content has to be shared in the right way. The marketing of the content is just as important as creating great content these days. This makes it extra hard for most content creators since they are not expert marketers.

 A few big platforms

A few of the biggest platforms that have been ruling the western world are the following:

Instagram – Instagram is a huge platform that makes it possible for photographers and other content creators to share their content to a large interested audience.

Spotify – Spotify is a huge live streaming provider for music. It’s a company that has been founded my Martin and Edward in 2006. It counts over 1.600 employees what makes it the biggest live stream provider in music.

Shazam – Shazam is a service that makes it possible to record and share music with an audience.

YouTube – YouTube is a company that has been founded by Google. It is the second larges search engine in the world – next to Google. YouTube is a platform that makes it possible for content creators to share video’s with an audience. YouTube works with an algorithm, just like Google, to show the “best” content on top of any search query.

iTunes – iTunes is a company that has been founded by Apple. The goal if iTunes is to make it as easy as possible to run an own music library for music lovers. By 2013 iTunes had over 25 billion downloads. It’s possible to download high quality video’s since 2018. This is a big diversification by iTunes to avoid going head on with the rising competition like Spotify.

These huge platforms make it possible for artists and content creators to share their content with an audience. This is, specially for starting artists and content creators, a great way to start their career in the industry they choose to be in. Although it’s a great platform for this it’s quite hard getting the exposure you would like to have.

To really start this in a right way it’s a great tip to look at a website like Streamko.com.

Making a name on various music platforms | StreamKO

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