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Paint sprayers

If you want to pimp your bike, a furniture, a wall or anything else, you can use a paint sprayer. If you are done with your current bike, you can give it a completely different look. You can do the same with all other objects. In this article I will describe which paint sprayer you can use for which job.

The first question you have to ask yourself is how big is my job? For a small job you can use Wagner hvlp paint sprayer. Think about furniture, fences, plinths etcetera. For bigger jobs it is better to use the Wagner Airless paint sprayer of the HEA paint sprayer. The container of this paint sprayers is a lot bigger so you can paint for a longer time.

Secondly, you have to ask yourself what sort of finish you are looking for. If the wall (or any other object) is very glad, it is better to choose for the Wagner paint sprayers. Because this paint sprayer is less coarse. If you do not mind the smoothness or the object has juts, it is better to choose for the HVLP paint sprayer. This paint sprayer is easy to install, five less overspray and easy to clean.

Also you have to take care for the space around the relevant object. Nowadays the paint sprayers do not overspray that much. But it is possible that you spill a little bit of paint. Almost every paint sprayer is able to spray all paint with different viscosity.

The three different paint sprayers in a row:

–          The Wagner Airless paint sprayer is suitable for large areas. It is very quick and smooth. If you use only one colour this sprayer is ideal.

–          The Wagner HEA paint sprayer produces less overspray. This sprayer provides better coverage than the Airless sprayer.

–          The Wagner HVLP paint sprayer is perfect when you are spraying smaller objects in different colours.


Paint sprayers