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Prevent a thief to come in with good locks

Burglary. “A bad lock brings the thief in”, that perception has followed us for many generations. Unfortunately, it also applies today – but only as half a truth. It needs very good burglary protection to keep the thief away. Or rather, to make it difficult and revealing to the person concerned. That is what today’s burglary protection is to a great extent!

Some hundred percent burglaries against burglaries are not available. It shows, not least, the bleak burglary statistics, which only tell Sweden’s hundreds of thousands of unwelcome memories a year – the vast majority of houses and apartments, in our homes.

The statistics speak their clear language about an ever-growing burglary wave and about untouched thefts whose actions are trapped in giant paper mountains. But the statistics also report a lot of criticism to ourselves. We are showing excessive deficiencies when it comes to using the possibilities for burglary protection. Even though we have become more successful in installing better locks and alarms in our homes.

We “ordinary” people can not count on a police surveillance that keeps the thief away. On the other hand, we can learn a lot of the knowledge and experience available at the police. In combination with the technical tools available, this experience can be a rather effective weapon, especially against the many times unintended burglary trafficking in trafficking.

The thief never cares that “crimes do not pay off”, but he or she still does not want to get caught. The greater the uncertainty the thief feels before the intrusion, the longer it takes to crash the locked doors and windows and the more noise that is caused, the greater the chance that the burglary will stop when trying or thinking. Decals of installed alarms obviously discourage the burglar.

13 Weak points for burglaries in the single family house

1. In about half of all housing breakages, the thief gets through the main entrance. An effective burglary protection can make him think of other thoughts.

2. The coarse kitchen center should of course have the same safe lock and barrier equipment as the main entrance – especially if it is located on the back of the house. Many coarse doors are glazed, which is a weakness if the lock can be opened with angry inside.

3. Are the entrance doors difficult and the thief stubbornly tries to test the other door of the house, for example. balcony and balcony doors. Both types often have clever locks and are also weak due to large readings.

4. The basement door is often hidden from the street and neighboring areas, giving the thief the opportunity to break undisturbed. Try to keep such doors free of shrub cake that shields further.

5. No advanced diligence is needed for a burglar to get into the window path. Window lock makes it more difficult for the uninvited. No thieves like the sound of broken glass.

6. Many cellar windows may seem so small that a thief is difficult to penetrate. Do not trust it. Involves a smaller person, he can then open for a more grown-up company.

7. If you have a door between the basement and the ground floor, a real lock can be an effective barrier to getting into the house. Make sure the hinges are located on the side facing the ground floor.

8. Domes or other windows on slight sloping or flat roofs are a common burglary wave. Lock the dome and, if possible, choose designs that have been fitting inside.

9. In the outhouse or garage you may not keep any theft-attractive costumes, but giving the thief free access may result in him or her finding a suitable burglary tool.

10. Low additions are suitable “springboards” when a thief wants to get into the upper floor via, for example, a bedroom window.

11. Has the gavel also a balcony, the thief does not even have a ladder to get up.

12. Call on the ladder. It’s logical to hang this space-consuming thing out on the outskirts wall. But unlocked, it is an invitation to burglary. Heavy chains and a pair of secure padlocks make it easy.

13. A wild roof is of course no big barrier to a burglary – nor a gate. However, if you have locked the gate while you’re away, it raises some attention if someone has to climb over it.

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Prevent a thief to come in with good locks