Solar energy is increasingly popular in Great Britain

Surge in popularity for solar panels on the UK market

Solar energy is rapidly gaining popularity in Great Britain. At this moment Great Britain is ranked number 6 globally when it comes to solar power capacity. Incentive programs from the Home ministry plus the ever decreasing prices of photovoltaic panels have really boosted sales. Capacity jumped in 2013 from 2.8 Megawatts to 5 Megawatts in 2014. Enough to supply 1.5 million households across Great Britain. 

Approximately 700.000 homes were outfitted with solar pv panels in 2016. The current solar panels are highly advanced and very efficient. 12 Megawatts capacity has been reached at the start of 2017.

Forecast for solar power by 2020

Governmental predictions say the capacity will reach 22 Megawatts a year by 2020. The association of the solar industry have estimated the capacity to be 25 Megawatts by then. 4 out of 10 British houses can have electricity sourced from solar power by 2020. So one could supply electricity from solar power to approximately 10.000.000 homes in 2020.

How can you fully use your generated solar energy?

You could decide to sell back your surplus generated power to your energy company. Alternatively, you can use that power to supply an electric heating boiler. And for hot water you could use an electric boiler. 

Why have an electric system boiler fitted:

  • Use your very own solar power for a hot water storage heater plus to heat your home using an electric central heating boiler

  • Get rid of our gas link-up. Reduce your energy bill substantially

  • No longer are you at risk for a potential gas leakage in your home

  • Protect your family today from potentially lethal carbon monoxide fumes by installing a electric system boiler for central heating

  • No longer do you have to service your electric central heating boiler every year

We have sold Elterm central system boilers for 4 years without any call-backs or reports of breakdowns. So this proves to be a very reliable and durable central system boiler.   



Solar energy is increasingly popular in Great Britain