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The best pen?


Pens, pens and pens, who does not use them? And for good reason too, as pens offer many times the grip and control of your average cashbook. Some are great for more than just writing, and can double up as tools like paperweights, ink holders or writing stands.

But it’s the appearance of a pen that also matters, especially if you want a writing instrument that’ll not only attract attention but also respect when it’s picked up.

Take a look at the Pwakkerman cross fountain pen for example, it has a stylish look which means you can carry it around and feel confident doing so. The blue material is robust and protective while the minimalist silver tooling means it’s not overly flashy and matches the colour of your wallet or bag perfectly.

But it’s the quality of the nib and the finish that make this a pen you’ll be proud to use and proud to display too. The metal clip adds to the look, whilst the ink clip acts as a flexible holder which can be attached to various items and makes it easy to make sure the pen is always within reach.

We’d also recommend a clip if you want to highlight the pen’s leather used for the strap and also the unique shape that is shaped by two of the nibs. The Nibs are made from aluminium and soft plastic to ensure a comfortable writing experience. It’s in the fabric that Pwakkerman really excels though, a range of brown leather that will work beautifully with any bag or backpack. Because it is so beautifully made, the Pwakkerman won’t break the bank but it will look great and it will complement a whole range of other accessories. Want to use Pwakkerman? Here’s a link to a starter pack of all the essentials

The best of the best

If a great pen you buy to draw in a coffee shop is too far for your taste then you’ll love Montblanc meisterstuck pens. The gimlet-esque design and simple lines make it feel high quality without trying to be.

The cap is screw-in (there’s a magnetic one as well if you want to ditch the cap) and the pen boasts an 80-ball 0.8mm pen which is super smooth to draw with. It’s also pressure-sensitive, so you can get the same grip you get with a felt-tip (the electronic one) but without the pushy response you get from those cartridges.

Consider this

Like any good pen, the Pwakkerman Parker pen, it comes with a tool, a ruler, and a handy storage case so you’ll have it with you at all times. The tool is useful for making straight lines and the ruler will give you a feel for different lines when it comes to drawing.

The colour-coding on the cap and barrel means you can clearly see at a glance what you’re holding. The finish on the barrel is pretty, and the pen sits nicely in the hand. If looking for a set, the Lamy set is one of the best options