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The right pump for every situation

We Dutchies know better than anyone how to handle water. If anywhere in the world something needs to be built in or around water, then a Dutchman is involved. And during hot summer days when there is no need to work, we can be found en masse in the backyard. Enjoying an ice-cold beer in an inflatable pool. But cleaning the pool every that is no one’s hobby, so make sure you have a good swimming pool pump.


If we are cleaning after all, do you think of the fish? With the right pond filter and the right pump, you keep the pond crystal clear and clean, so nice for the fish and it looks cool. And if we are still pumping, then get the water straight out of the ground. With a groundwater pump you provide your garden with a fresh and especially free spray treatment.


You would think that water is only positive for us, but it is not! Not only the history but to this day are headlines filled with disaster scenarios about water. Time and time again, when a rive once again comes out of its banks or the summer showers plague the country, it’s time. Filled cellars, not to mention the flooding around the house. Guus Meeuwis sang bout it once and nothing turns out to be less true in such a situation, it is pumping or drowning!


Whatever your problem, question or goal, we help you on your way with the right pump in every situation! Underneath we describe the most common water pump.


The submersible pump: A submersible pump must be immersed in the water. Connect a hose here to drain and you are ready! The pump does the rest. Depending on the type, the pump switches itself off via a float switch.


The right pump for every situation