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The secrets to a good warehouse

The secrets to a good warehouse 

Managing a warehouse is not an easy job, especially when it is a large storage facility and there are a lot of things in it. Nowadays, more and more warehouses are being created due to the increasing sales through online shops. Although the purchasing process takes place online, the products still need to be stored somewhere. There are quite a few factors that play a role in a well-used, safe and efficient warehouse. In this blog article we will discuss the most important factor. Are you curious what this is? Then read on. 


Make sure you have a good arrangement in place

A good arrangement is extremely important when setting up and running a warehouse. Perhaps even the most important factor when managing a warehouse. The design and layout of the warehouse determine to a large extent the throughput time. This throughput time is important because you want things to leave the warehouse as soon as possible when they are sold. The best way to organise the warehouse is therefore to use the ABC method. The ABC method means that the more often a product is sold, the easier it should be to remove that product from the shelves. If you place the products that are sold most often at a grabbing height, they are the most easily grabbed. The turnover rate is calculated using the following formula: Turnover of the number of products/average stock of the number of products. 


ABC formula

This is also how you divide up the rest of your warehouse. The A products is about 20% of your products. These products will represent about 80% of your sales. So, it’s best to put them at the grabbing height of your warehouse staff. B-products comprise about 30% of your product range and represent on average 15% of your sales. These products are placed at the bottom of the shelf because they are sold less often and therefore need to be picked less often. The C-products are placed at the top of the shelf. This represents the other 50% of your products and 5% of your turnover. It is the most difficult to grab the articles on the top shelf, which is why C products are placed here. 


Space shortage?

Do you have a warehouse, but it is growing so fast that you could use some extra space? Moving is very expensive and often takes a lot of time. It is therefore wiser to expand. Think for example of other types of shelves or placing a Mezzanine floor. This investment often pays for itself within two years.